Innovative tool series, made from the world's finest materials used in mechanical and laparoscopic sutures, both sophisticated and functional, being easy to handle and facilitating the work of specialist doctors.


Modern method of exploration and operation by abdominal, thoracic, etc., using the laparoscope (a very thin optical instrument connected to a video unit through an optical fiber light source).
The laparoscope can be attached to special surgical instruments as well as a video minicamper for visualization inside the abdomen, thorax ... etc. The incision is very small (0.5-1cm) and heals quickly. The duration of the laparoscopic surgery has a lower deployment time than that of open surgery.
It is performed with general intravenous anesthesia for patient comfort. After 1-2 days of hospitalization, the patient can resume their activities.

• Atraumatic trocar of different sizes (versaport plus bladless, Versastep, Spacemaker, Versaport V2)
• Thoracoport trocar (Thoracoport)
• Orvil
• Needle of insufflation (Veress needle)
• Endo Gia Instrument (suplies: Right Cartridge, Articulate Cartridge, with Tri-Staple Technology, Radial)
• Scissor, Endo Grasp, Endo Babcock, Endo Dissect, Hook, Endo Padle, Endo Retract with 3 or 5 fingers, Endo Clinch
• Endoclose
• Endo Catch
• Wound protection system
• Surgical sucction