Leader in the production of electronic and ultrasonic surgical systems.
The company is engaged in the design and development of electronic surgical treatment systems that continue to maintain on the market to recognized recognized standards.

VALLEYLAB product line

• Electrosurgical generators
• Shut-off systems
• Electro-surgical systems based on Argon
• Laparoscopic instruments
• Smoke removal systems
• Ultrasonic surgical systems


Electrocautery - is the process of heating tissue through electricity. This procedure is usually used to stop bleeding during surgery or after a lesion.
This method is surgical involving the introduction of a high frequency current in a certain area of the body in order to remove unwanted tissue, close blood vessels, or create a surgical incision.
The instrument used to perform this procedure is known as Electrocauter. This device uses high frequencies, usually over 100 kHz, to make sure the patient's nerves and muscles are not stimulated. Lower frequencies could cause cramps or spasms, which would be a real problem. Depending on the voltage used, the instrument may have varying effects on the patient's body. Electrocautery is a safe procedure commonly used in surgery to remove unwanted tissues. A small piece through which the current passes (the electrocauter) is used to destroy a particular tissue. A protective pad is placed on the patient's body (generally at the thighs) before surgery to protect the patient from the harmful effects of electricity..

• Valleylab Force Triad FT10 Generator
• Valleylab LS10 Generator (Ligasure)
• Valleylab Argon Gas Delivery System II
• Valleylab Force FX Generator
• Valleylab Force EZ Generator

• Laparoscopy pads with a length of 37 cm and a rod diameter of 5-10 mm
• Tweezers for open surgery : Ligasure Atlas of 20 cm, Liagsure Impact of 18 cm
• Reusable pads with disposable electrodes
• Duplex bipolar pads disposable and reusable
• Various pedals: monopolar, bipolar, Valleylab mode (3-pedal)
• Disposable or multiple use sterile crayons
• Cautery Tipolysher (Lectrobrasive Tip Cleaner)
• Sterile electrodes of various sizes and shapes, disposable (spatula, needle, ball, loop)
• Resterilizable / reusable non-sterile electrodes (ball, needle, blade, loop)
• Neutral electrodes for the patient
• Electrode connection cables
• Adapters
• Multifunctional support for electrochirurgical platforms (cart)
• Smoke evacuator