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The NELLCOR PULSOXIMETRY SYSTEM provides fast, accurate, consistent pulse oximetry for a wide range of patients.

Oxygen monitoring

The most important function of ventilation is to provide a sufficient intake of O2 needed by the CNS and the heart. The removal of CO2 from the body is also important, although the effect of hypercapnia is reversible, while hypoxia, even short-term, can produce irreversible, sometimes incompatible with life.

Monitoring techniques will refer to these three O2 circuits, namely :

• determining the concentration of O2 in the inspired air (FiO2), determined in the gas mixture in the anesthesia circuit
• Determination of O2 saturation of arterial blood (SaO2) or by determining the partial pressure of O2 in arterial blood (PaO2) performed with the pulse oximeter, or by arterial blood collection
• by determining the saturation of 02 in mixed venous blood (SvO2).

Puls oximetry

Pulse Oximetry - View the concentration of O2 ((O2 in the blood is bound to hemoglobin and only a small part is dissolved in the plasma).
The operating principle of the pulse oximeter is based on spectrophotometry and Bees' law, measuring the absorption of light by two forms of hemoglobin: oxygenated and reduced.
Pulse oximetry may be disturbed under certain conditions: the presence of some dyes (methylene blue, indo-cyanine green), abnormal hemoglobin, sources of electromagnetic radiation in the vicinity, absence of peripheral pulse, venous congestion by repeated use of the bar.
Pulse Oximetry is considered by many authors to be the most sensitive monitoring technique, providing both SaO2 and peripheral circulation information, and relatemic latency for 8 seconds alerts the anesthetic team to hemodynamic changes.


• Pulse oximeter used in respiratory therapy.
• The Nellcor puls oximetry system ensures fast, accurate, consistent pulse oximetry for the wide range of patients.


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• Neonatal sensors
• Adult sensors
• Finger pliers